Ultimate Responsibility: Conclusion

For each one shall bear his own load. [Galatians 6:5]

We’re all ultimately responsible for our own lives. We’re the Captains of our own ships. Let me expatiate on that in a few areas of life.

🌹 Education. I’m passionate about formal education. We must encourage all to go to school, no matter what they want to become. An educated Pastor for instance will certainly understand Bible better than the illiterate, all things being equal. Both the educated and illiterate have the Holy Spirit. The difference is industry and exposure. So is the case for a mechanic, fashion designer, farmer, musician, actor/actress and the business person.

Some at the age of 30,40,60 or more, are still blaming their fathers and uncles in the grave for not seeing them through school. True, as that may be, such people can now look after themselves in school, instead of ruing the lost opportunities.  Now, there are evening and weekend schools, sandwich and distance, online courses etc. that one could use to catch up. Admittedly, it won’t be as smooth and as easy as it should ordinarily be. It may take twice the normal time or more; but one will ultimately get there.

Occasionally, you’ll hear about some that have defied the odds and it boosts your morale. I’m sure we all read about the public toilet attendant who is now a Professor at the University of Mines and Technology (UMaT). A Ghanaian in US, a single mum and her daughter have recently graduated from medical school together. Isn’t that refreshing! Those who have struggled through to the top have additional mental toughness that others may never have. They are like cactus and some other xerophytic plants growing in the desert. They have deep tap roots that enable them to stand the test of time.

Let’s encourage all to have formal education, in addition to personal improvements. We all can move one more step further from where we are currently. No one must rest on one’s oars, no matter what we’ve achieved so far.

🌹 Marriage: You bear ultimate responsibility for whoever you marry. You can’t blame parents, friends, bosses etc. for pushing you into anything. You were the one who said “I do” with smiles. “Take your victim as you find him, warts and all”, the saying goes.

🌹 Mama Africa: Africa has blamed the Slave Trade, Colonialism, Globalisation etc. for all her woes, as if we are the only ones that have suffered calamity of gargantuan proportions. Japan and Germany Post World War II have shown us that one can still rise from the ashes, but we still don’t care two straws. The little we’ve gotten from the unfair Global Trade is still dissipated wantonly, and the banks in New York, London, France and Switzerland are doing brisk business with our moneys.

On the personal level, let’s accept responsibility for whatever we find ourselves in. After that, let’s hand it all over to The Potter to put us together again. That’s why He’s our Compassionate Father. He’ll turn it all around for our good. Peace to you. Amen

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