Do Not Revile Or Curse

You shall not revile God, nor curse a ruler of your people.

[Exodus 22:28, NKJV]
You shall not revile God [the judges as His agents] or esteem lightly or curse a ruler of your people.[Exodus 22:28-Amplified Bible]


The dictionary definition of revile means: To attack (someone) with abusive language.

Synonyms of revileinclude: reproach, scold, vilify, and vituperate.

God is commanding us not to revile He God Himself, the judges and the rulers of the people. Simply put, God doesn’t want us to engage in politics of insults. Unbelievers may do that in the name of democracy and free speech. We are expected to do things differently.

Nowadays, the youth want to become heroes without sweat. All that one needs to do is to insult the President,Judges or people in authority; then one gets arrested by the security agencies for questioning; then party youth organise themselves in solidarity; noises are made, party big wigs visit the arrested persons, they get released and voila, one becomes a hero. Examples abound in the two main political parties that rule this country (Ghana). However, this isn’t what God expects from us His children.

You can tell someone s/he is wrong without reviling them. Prophet Nathan used that approach to call David to order when David snatched someone else’s wife. The Prophet told David a story of how someone who had 100 sheep went for the only sheep of his neighbour in order to make a feast for his guest. David, a compassionate man and a just King said the wicked fellow deserved to die. After it was explained to him how the story fit his behaviour he begged for forgiveness and truly repented.

Let’s by all means demand accountability and excellence from our leaders.   Let’s draw their attention when they’re leading us in the wrong direction. However, let’s do so without the usual insults and God will be pleased with us. Amen.

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