God, Your Exceedingly Great Reward

After these things the word of the Lord came to Abram in a vision, saying, “Do not be afraid, Abram. I am your shield, your exceedingly great reward.”

[Genesis 15:1, E.S]

When you brag on God, He’ll always show up mightily in your favour. The passage starts with “After these things”. After what? After Abraham refused the riches of Sodom.  God came on the scene with so much assurance as seen in the above scripture.

I’m wondering why God’s statement started with “Do not be afraid”. It’s possible that Abraham might have later reflected on his actions and wondered if he had made the right decision of rejecting the prize of the war that legitimately belonged to him. He might have wondered if he was rash and foolish. God came in to allay his fears. He made the right decision on the spur of the moment. Praise God!

Mike Murdock said he once gave some crazy offering at church that made his head to split. Under the anointing, he gave the offering. However, when he got home, the devil attacked his thoughts. The devil said “God didn’t ask you to give that much, it was your own thoughts”.  Mike Murdock was plunged into despair, thinking he had blown it. He had some serious needs the money could have met and only gave ostensibly in obedience to the voice of God. If he missed it, then he’s doomed.  However, God came to assure him that even if he didn’t give under the leadership of God, for giving in order to please God, he was going to receive the reward. The rewards indeed came in leaps and bounds.

Look again at God’s words. He described Himself as Abraham’s “shield, his exceedingly great reward.” When God is your shield, you’re protected from every attack of the devil and humans. God protects you from self-destruction as well. Reward is a great word in itself. To be prefixed with exceeding and great, is simply too much.

Dr. Mike Murdock says whatever we walk away from, God is able to bring back to us. Abraham walked away from the riches of Sodom. He now has God Himself as his reward. That means everything God has is now Abraham’s. Let’s seek the Giver and not the gift.

May the Lord be our sun, shade and shield. May He be our exceedingly great reward as well in the Name of Jesus. Amen

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