Have Faith In God


So Jesus answered and said to them, Have faith in God.
[Mark 11:22]


Something leaps in my spirit anytime I read or quote this scripture. I trust God to help me convey that to you.

Jesus is urging us to have faith in God. Some have faith in their money. Others in their connections.Some in politicians, while some believe in their beauty, body shapes and curvatures, seductive powers, intelligence and the like.However, these do not always deliver what they promise. In most cases, they lead us into deception and disappointments.

Some people are downcast, disappointed and disillusioned because their favourite political party or candidate has lost power.  To them, life has lost its lustre because the juicy promises given them by the great and powerful have gone down the drain.  On the other hand, others are elated and glowing because their party has won power. Their adrenalin is performing at a high octane level.  However, let’s remember that the help of politicians without God is very transient. If God wants to use any of them to help you, that’s perfect. However, you don’t have to lick the boot of anyone because you are seekingfavour.  Have faith in God.

The above Scripture also means we should have the Faith of God or that we should have the God-kind of faith.  Everything God created, He did by faith; and we’re to follow His footsteps.

The Psalmist in Psalm 20 says that those who trust in their chariots and horses bow down and eventually fall; while those who believe in God stand upright.

Let’s endeavour to put our trust in God and we’ll never be disappointed this year. Amen.

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