Giving God The Stolen And The Defective

…“And you bring the stolen, the lame, and the sick; Thus you bring an offering! Should I accept this from your hand?” Says the Lord.

[Malachi 1:13]

Money laundering refers to the various means by which drug money, stolen money and other forms of illicit moneys are washed and brought into the system as clean money. While some have used the economy as avenue for money laundering, others are using God as their conduit to wash their illegal money.


How is this done? Some steal from their work places, state coffers, international and organizations. Others cheat and extort. After this, they give God an offering, pay tithe, support harvest activities at church etc. Others do charity work of all kinds. This is how they take away their guilt. They convince themselves that God would overlook their crooked ways because they have supported the work of God. It’s a fallacy.

The truth is that, God doesn’t need our stolen money to build His Kingdom. That’ll make God a partner to our crime. God isn’t going to be tainted with any illegality; otherwise, God becomes unjust and unfit to judge the world and Satan.

Let’s make sure we don’t give God the stolen and the useless. Money obtained by prostitution, swindling of men/women should not find their way into the offering bowl. Like Cain’s offering, the smoke won’t ascend into the nostrils of God in heaven.

If we have done so in the past, we ask for forgiveness and cleansing through the precious blood of Jesus. Now that we’re forgiven, let’s not return to folly. His grace is sufficient.  Amen.

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